Miyerkules, Enero 29, 2014

Milwaukee Bucks’ center Pachulia remains optimistic while on recovery

Bucks’ performance this season considered league-worst and plunging to the 30th place in NBA Power ranking list having 8 - 36. This is mainly due to the left and right injuries that the team received. Zaza Pachulia still remains positive and hoping for his full recovery and his comeback for more games ahead. Pachulia missed 26 games since he got the stress fracture in his right foot.

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NBA Power Ranking List 16 - 30

On Tuesday, Pachulia had practice and went on full-contact drills. The team hopes for his soon come back to lift the team from last in rankings. Larry Sanders is also out in the game due to illness while Ekpe Udoh missed the game due to his sprained ankle. The only physically fit players left on the team are John Henson, Miroslav Radujica and Ersan Ilyasova.

Tonight the Bucks will face the much stronger and improved Phoenix Suns at the Bradley Center. Pachulia noted the improvement in young players of the team and highly optimistic that they could handle the Phoenix Suns very well.

He knows that the team is struggling to improve much better this season since the team was plagued by injuries and illness, but he said that there still more space for improvement and that what his team must have in mind as well as keeping their heads up.

Pachulia also played on Orlando Magic and Atlanta Hawks before, and his best overall season was in 2006-2007 when he got the average of 12.2-points, 6.9-points and 6.5-rebounds per game. For his average on his 706 career games, he has 6.8-points 5.5-rebounds per game.

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